Team Paradigm shares their hiring insights to help recruit ideal candidates

On June 9, 2021,  Paradign Security Services' "Case In Point" podcast featured two very special guests, Susan Strawn and Renee Roos. Along with Rick Strawn, they discussed what candidates can expect when they apply for a Security Officer position and the current hiring obstacles they are overcoming. They shared how they keep Team Paradigm staffed and trained to provide excellence in private security for their clients.

Be sure to listen to this Gwinnett Business RadioX "Case in Point" podcast to gain a better understanding of how Paradigm Security recruits candidates and their hiring process. Rick, Susan and Renee then talk about how employees are trained and managed so they can deliver a high standard of private security for their clients. There are definite obstacles to recruiting new employees given current circumstances of disincentives of people getting back to work. Click now to listen.

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