Marked Vehicle Patrol Services



Patrols by highly trained Paradigm Security Services Officers enhance employee safety and reduce vandalism. Our Officers are trained to look and listen for signs of something out of order. They will respond to what they discover and work with law enforcement and public safety agencies to protect people and property and minimize risk exposure.

Our 24/7patrol services include:

  • Emergency response
  • Fire watch
  • Foot patrol
  • Lock checks
  • Parking lot checks

You receive a customized security solution that includes written reports and tour verification.

If you manage or own residential, commercial, office and industrial properties and construction sites, we want to talk with you and your risk management managers and advisors. Together, we look at each property’s characteristics and security and risk management need to develop a patrol program that gives everyone peace of mind.

Contact us today or call us at 678-684-4400 to learn more about Paradigm Patrol Services and what will work best for you.

Read What Our Clients Think

“I just wanted to commend one of your security guards, David, at my apartment building. Someone had taken my keys from the gym in my building. I did not have a spare key, nor did I have a cell phone. I basically was stuck in the gym for 4 hours that evening. The maintenance people would not let me in my apartment due to “company policy.” They basically told me that if I needed to sleep in the gym, so be it. David was the only person who tried to help me. He walked around trying to get people in the leasing office to let me in, let me use his phone and once I got in, he walked me to my apartment. The keys were later returned by another resident in the middle of the night; he took them by mistake, and David brought them to me in the morning. He basically was the only person that cared that I could not get in my apartment, or to work the next day because my car keys were on there, too. Huge inconvenience! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I feel better knowing he is the guard in my building.”

- Heather, Apartment Resident