Executive Protection

Safety and Security for Executives, Diplomats and Celebrities – and Their Families

Georgia’s growing presence as an international business center and a film production hub is bringing more business executives, diplomats, celebrities and their families to our state. Paradigm Security Services partners with corporate and diplomatic security officers, celebrity business managers and others responsible for client safety to make them safer. And, we provide protection programs for Georgia residents and their families who benefit from a top-quality security services firm.

Our Executive Protection Services focus on proactive programs at home, at the office and during travel. We know that effective security requires thorough planning, training and communication to mesh many moving parts.

At Paradigm Security Services, our programs are designed to manage all aspects of potential risks for everyone involved, including:

  • Work habits
  • Social activities
  • Home construction
  • Medical care and emergency response needs
  • Travel itineraries

Once we assess all executive protection needs, we work with certified contractors to purchase and install required security systems for homes, offices, motor vehicles, airplanes and boats. We vet all persons who manage or service all buildings, home and equipment used by our clients and their families.

We assign highly trained, certified security professionals to work with our clients, their families and their managers. Our security officers are retired Delta Force personnel, Navy Seals, Green Berets and members of other elite forces of the US Armed Forces, as well as those from previous law enforcement careers. We ensure lines of communication are always open to minimize, if not eliminate, the surprises leading to increased risks of the best-designed protection program.

Effective executive protection starts with a thorough assessment. Let’s talk about your overall security needs and concerns. Contact us today or call us at 678-684-4400.