Giving Back To Our Communities


At Paradigm Security Services, we believe we create stronger communities by getting involved where our clients live, work and play.


Rick Strawn is committed to discussing current issues with some of the most influential Gwinnett County people on Business RadioX - Gwinnett.

FACT: Every business and community has security concerns. Personal and property security, internet and data security are just a few examples.

“Case In Point” episodes feature our business and community leaders who know it’s their responsibility to also attract and manage growth opportunities that create job security for employees and their families.

Rick’s guests on his weekly Business RadioX show are business owners, industry experts, government officials and community leaders. The conversations include many interesting topics and touchpoints. And everyone agrees a safe and secure environment for employees and constituents is paramount.

Please listen to “Case In Point”  live every Wednesday at 11:30 AM EST. Click now to view previously aired episodes.


Our involvement in community-focused and non-profit organizations help us develop the relationships and essential connections as we all serve the greater good together.



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Read Feedback From Our Clients

“I want to commend your security officer for all she does. I would like to keep her on my site. She has only been here a couple of days and has made a difference in the community. I have the staff along with some of the residents, who have called regarding her patrolling. She is doing what management expects from security patrolling. Please tell her to keep up the good work!”

- Daryll A. Tyson, Property Manager, The Villages at Castleberry Hill