Security Officers of the Month 2023

Paradigm Security Services Recognizes Outstanding Performance And Excellence In Service for 2023

Each month, the Paradigm Security leadership team reviews nominations for the Security Officer of the Month. Congratulations to these team members who go above and beyond to exemplify the Core Values of Paradigm Security.

March 2023 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Officer Tiffany Hall

Keen attention to detail is a skill required of each Paradigm Security Officer. Some of our Security Officers, like Officer Tiffany Hall, have honed this skill to an exceptional level. Officer Hall serves full-time at one of our logistics clients, a warehousing and transportation company. Part of her assigned duties is to be sure all the trucks leaving have the correct serial tag on them. An incident recently occurred when the wrong trailer was picked up by a carrier. Officer Hall caught the error before the truck could exit the facility. Her attention to detail avoided two costly mistakes for our client. A significant amount of money could have been lost and a supply chain interruption could have occurred if the truck had left the facility with the wrong trailer attached to it. Officer Hall trained the entire team of Paradigm Officers when we first started serving this client. And when a new Officer is assigned, we are confident she will train them correctly. Officer Hall has come in early numerous times to cover shifts and worked doubles as needed. She communicates remarkably well with the client staff regarding any issues and she passes on important information from the client to the Paradigm leadership. Her Client Focus, Teamwork and Communication are three of the Paradigm's Core Values that Officer Hall exemplifies.

February 2023 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Officer Orel Mercier

Officer Orel Mercier has consistently delivered excellence in private security for one of our upscale apartment communities. This property is a busy client site with lots of foot traffic and a complex building layout. After being assigned to protect residents and their guests along with both commercial and personal property, Officer Mercier quickly became a recognizable asset. His visibility while completing his rounds and submitting all required reports has made him known as reliable and dependable by residents and property management alike. When there are the occasional issues that need to be resolved, Officer Mercier handles the matters with professionalism. His exceptional commitment and consistent professionalism reflect Paradigm's Core Values. Pictured with Security and Safety Services Operations Director, James Spurgeon, on the left.

January 2023 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Officer Javonta McLean

In a short time, Officer Javonta McLean has made a big impact. After only a few months of joining Team Paradigm, Officer McLean was proving himself to be reliable and knowledgeable. So much so, he was asked to train other Security Officers at a large, complex client site. Since November 2022, he has successfully trained six other Security Officers to provide excellence in private security at a warehousing and transportation company based in Atlanta. Major Ashley Ashby, Senior Operations Manager, said, “Officer McLean is doing a great job training other Security Officers to our high standards. A top priority for this client site is detailed reporting. The hands-on training delivered by Officer McLean has been very effective. Officer McLean communicates progress and updates as he completes each part of the training.” Officer McLean is assigned to other client sites, too. Sometimes he even covers double shifts when necessary. He truly exemplifies Paradigm's Core Values of Teamwork, Communication and Professionalism. Pictured with Major Ashley Ashby on the right.