Paradigm Security Services recognizes outstanding performance and excellence in service

Each month, the Paradigm Security leadership team reviews nominations for the Security Officer of the Month. Congratulations to these team members who go above and beyond to exemplify the Core Values of Paradigm Security.


July 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Jonathan Miguel

Congratulations to Officer Miguel for being recognized Paradigm’s July 2020 Officer of the Month. Since joining Team Paradigm, Officer Miguel has quickly become a valuable contributor by consistently performing his patrol duties and administrative responsibilities with excellence. Officer Miguel exemplifies our Core Values of Client Focus and Professionalism. The client to which Office Miguel is assigned closely monitors our Officers’ activities. Officer Miguel always comes through with high standards that meet and often exceed the client’s expectations. He reliably arrives at the client site on time and has not missed a shift. He performs his patrol duties efficiently and proactively. He always provides proper documentation when anything is out of order. When he is given an additional directive or a change of assignments, Officer Miguel follows through effectively so both the client and our internal team have complete confidence in his work.

June 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Kenneth Weatherford

Since early in 2018, Officer Weatherford has created long-standing dependability for Paradigm clients. Officer Weatherford shows up for his assigned duties without fail. And he arrives early for his shift - every single time. He is an asset to our clients and a great example as a valuable member of Team Paradigm. Officer Weatherford exemplifies all our Core Values, but specifically, his Client Focus and Professionalism are demonstrated consistently. He puts into action the training he receives and the technology we use to be sure client expectations are met. He reliably helps out at the last minute when a shift needs to be managed at various other client sites - even on the weekends. Thank you, Officer Weatherford, for your dedication and professionalism. Pictured with Rick Strawn, President & CEO.

May 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Sasha Spurgeon

Officer Sasha Spurgeon has been working for Paradigm for almost one year. During this time, she has worked numerous client sites. Officer Spurgeon has consistently reported for her assigned shifts on-time, dutifully managed her responsibilities and reliably completed her patrol scans and reports. In May 2020, she was assigned to a new client site to cover the day shifts. In addition to her private security duties, the client’s site supervisor needed her to also take on other tasks such as passing out flyers to residents, accompanying construction staff to designated rooms and monitoring individual apartments when workers were inside. Officer Spurgeon has developed a positive rapport and gained the trust of the site supervisor and staff. Her private security training to be attentive, display professionalism and respond to the needs of the client have been acknowledged and are greatly appreciated by the client.

April 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month James Head

Officer James "Jimmy" Head joined the Paradigm Team in early 2020 after moving back home to Atlanta from Chicago. Officer Head has quickly become one of the Paradigm Operations top go-to Officer. He makes himself available when last-minute shift changes occur or when additional resources are needed. Officer Head helps protect our clients by keeping "boots on the ground" at their sites - many of who need round the clock private security.

Teamwork and commitment are two Paradigm Core Values of which Officer Head has consistently displayed with excellence. Jimmy Head is an eight year U.S. Army veteran and has worked in the security industry for many years.

March 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Tammy Reed

Officer Reed was instrumental in preventing theft from a client’s construction site in March 2020. Reed was on night duty when she detected, stopped and chased away three trespassers/potential thieves. She followed them and obtained descriptions of persons and their vehicle. She then completed well -written reports on the incident. Reed is frequently assigned to Paradigm’s “Command” where she also does an excellent job. During her "Command" duty, she takes calls from staff and clients to fill vacant posts and handle a myriad of issues. She also effectively documents incidents on Command reports which are consistently well written and detailed. Thank you, Officer Reed, for using your training and skills to protect our client's assets and serving with excellence in our Command Operations. Pictured with Rick Strawn.

February 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Evenah Johnson

Officer Johnson has been with Paradigm Security Services since December 2019 and has already proven her performance, professionalism and dedication. Most recently, while doing patrols at a high profile site, Officer Johnson spotted a suspicious person. This person was hiding by the bushes and wearing all black. Officer Johnson followed procedures and radioed the inside Security Officer to watch the suspicious person while she called 911. Police arrived and removed the person from the property. The client praised Officer Johnson for her outstanding work and report, which included excellent pictures. Great job, Evenah Johnson! PIctured with Edward (Ed) Aycock, Security and Safety Services Director.

January 2020 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Salem Mumuni

Salem Mumuni, of Lilburn, joined the Paradigm family approximately one year ago after serving in the United States Army. He is one of Paradigm's highly versatile private Security Officers. He covers posts from driving patrols to special detail assignments. Salem is currently the primary Security Officer for one of Paradigm's multi-occupant residential properties. In recognition of his excellent performance of his duties and for an impeccable ATTENDANCE record, Paradigm Security recognizes Officer Salem Mumuni as Paradigm’s Officer of the Month for January 2020. Pictured with Kris Beatty on the left.

December 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Kevin Reese

Congratulations to Paradigm Security Services Officer of the Month, Kevin Reese. In December 2019, Officer Reese was instrumental in apprehending criminals during the course of their crimes on two separate occasions at two separate posts. Paradigm received accolades from three clients commending Officer Reese’s job performance and professional attitude during December 2019 as well. He continues to be “asked for by name” everywhere he works.

November 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Evans Mathis

Paradigm Security Services' Officer of the Month for November is Evans Mathis, one of Paradigm's "jack of all trades" officers. Since 2017, Mathis consistently and reliably serves Paradigm clients. He is always willing to help out at the last minute whenever he is called. Thank you, Officer Mathis. Well done! Pictured with Captain Chris Walton.

October 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Aaron Hutchinson

Aaron Hutchinson, Paradigm Security's Officer of the Month for October 2019, has been with Paradigm for about a year and a half. He is a full-time primary officer for one of Paradigm's clients Monday through Friday. Plus, he ALWAYS helps out with weekend coverage whenever asked. He is dependable, professional, courteous and very much a valued member of the Paradigm Team. Congrats, Aaron. Pictured with Captain Chris Walton.

September 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Clifford Johnson

Congratulations to Clifford Johnson for being recognized as Paradigm's Officer of the Month. Clifford has been serving Paradigm Security clients for almost three years. He steps up to fill shifts and never calls out. He is a shining example of what we look for in an Officer. Thank you, Clifford, for your loyalty and dedication. Pictured with Captain Chris Walton.

August 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Sgt. Michael Addis

Congrats to Sgt. Michael Addis who has been selected as Paradigm Security Services' Officer of the Month for August 2019. Sgt. Addis has been with Paradigm for over three years and has done a superior job keeping our client in Toccoa happy. Pictured with Rick Strawn.

July 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Ben Terrell

Congratulations to Ben Terrell, Paradigm Security Services Employee of the Month July 2019. Ben is currently assigned to College Park. He's been a valuable employee for almost four years and served other clients like Advanced Disposal, Overture Buckhead South Community and Newbergh Apartments. Pictured with Captain Chris Walton.

June 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Paris Rangel

Congratulations to Paris Rangel who is Paradigm Security Services' Officer of the Month for June 2019. Thanks, Paris, for your extra effort to go above and beyond. Pictured with Rick Strawn.

May 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Nathan Sipe

Congrats to Nathan Sipe, Paradigm Security Services' Employee of the Month for May 2019. Award presented by Carol Padgett, former Director of HR.

2019 April Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Joycelyn Harris

Joycelyn Harris is Paradigm's Security Services Officer of the Month - April 2019. Thank you, Joycelyn, for your dedication and extraordinary efforts while on the job. Pictured with Rick Strawn.

March 2019 Paradigm's Security Officer of the Month Kevin Masten

Congratulations to Kevin Masten who was awarded Officer of the Month in March 2019. Thank you, Kevin, for going above and beyond. Pictured with Kris Beatty.