Paradigm Security Services Recognizes Outstanding Performance And Excellence In Service for 2022

Each month, the Paradigm Security leadership team reviews nominations for the Security Officer of the Month. Congratulations to these team members who go above and beyond to exemplify the Core Values of Paradigm Security.


May 2022 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Major Ashley Ashby

Major Ashley Ashby has been serving Paradigm Security Services clients with excellence in private security since early 2016. She was promoted to the rank of Manager of Operations/Major in early 2021 and is ultimately responsible for scheduling Security Officers and Site Supervisors to cover all client shifts. She manages her Operations staff efficiently and works well with each member of our leadership team. Week in and week out, Major Ashby oversees not only routine assignments but leverages her technology knowledge to make scheduling changes and updates with consistently great outcomes. On a daily basis, she works with site supervisors to ensure smooth operations and staff transitions. For the last several months, Major Ashby has also been tasked with working “extra hours” at one of Paradigm’s long-standing upscale hotel sites. Management at that site “demands” her presence and relies heavily on her supervisory skills and experience. Major Ashby uses her personality and knowledge of personnel and sites to create a client-friendly environment at her work sites. She truly puts Paradigm's Core Values into action with her supervisory experience and training while overseeing performance and scheduling at our client sites. Pictured with Rick Strawn, President and CEO.

April 2022 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Sgt. Leon Looney

Sgt. Leon Looney has been a Paradigm Team member for over nine years and has provided excellence in private security for several clients at various locations in the metro Atlanta area. His leadership at an upscale hotel and business center involved almost daily communication with management to meet safety and security expectations for their business visitors and overnight guests. During his assignment, Paradigm received very positive feedback about Sgt. Looney’s capabilities and overall professionalism. Most recently Sgt. Looney has been assigned as the site supervisor at a data center for a bitcoin mining and energy technology company. He currently covers the dayshift at this site during its peak business time. He also coordinates with the construction crews currently remodeling the facility which is a major undertaking. Sgt. Looney consistently stays up to date on the progress of the facility construction to anticipate what assets and materials need to be protected from theft or vandalism. Since he has been assigned full-time there, Sgt. Looney has assumed ownership to assure this site’s private security is highly effective. He often devotes his personal time and energy to be sure this client site is proactively managed with security officers and technology.  He oversees up to seven officers on any given 24-hour period and diligently works to provide them any direction or clarification they need to perform their duties to the high standards of Paradigm. Sgt. Looney's tenure, diligent efforts and commitment to Paradigm's Core Values are definitely making a positive difference for our clients. Pictured with Renee Roos, Director of Human Resources.

March 2022 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Evans Mathis

Officer Evans Mathis was on duty at a client's disposal facility in March 2022 when he became aware of a fire. This all too common hazard at waste and recycling plants can have a devasting environmental impact if not mitigated quickly. Using his training, skills and experience in observation and following proper reporting standards, Officer Mathis quickly reported the fire for emergency response and then contacted Captain Ratliff as the commanding officer on duty. They worked together to contact the client to inform them of the incident. Officer Mathis has been a member of Team Paradigm since June 2017 and exemplifies our Core Values including client focus, communication and professionalism. Pictured left to right: Rick Strawn, President/CEO, Officer Evans Mathis and Ed Aycock, Director of Training.

February 2022 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Ewin Malone

Since May 2021, Security Officer Ewin Malone has provided excellence in private security at a national advocacy organization client site. They require on-site security personnel as well as property surveillance via cameras to protect their employees and physical assets. Officer Malone’s systems knowledge and surveillance technology monitoring are exceptionally valuable for this client. He has proven to be professional, client-focused and highly dependable. Officer Malone is consistently willing to assist with occasional assignments at additional client sites including a health services administrative office, luxury multi-residential apartment complex and a disposal facility. His commitment to our clients and Team Paradigm is a remarkable example of Paradigm’s Core Values. Pictured left to right: Officer Malone and Rick Strawn, President and CEO.

January 2022 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Brian Ridley

Lieutenant Brian Ridley has been a valuable Paradigm Security Services employee for almost seven years. Over this long stretch, he has gained extensive experience and training. He consistently delivers excellence in private security for clients at his assigned locations and is Armed Certified. For the last several years, Lieutenant Ridley has worked primarily for a high-profile commercial location with a mixed-use of business, retail and community. He serves as the supervisor for this client and manages other Paradigm Security Officers as they complete their assigned duties. Given the complex nature of this client site and its physical size, Lieutenant Ridley oversees our patrol vehicles used to first serve as a deterrent and then to quickly respond when necessary. He also serves as a “Road Man” when it comes to taking care of the patrol vehicles on the road during a shift. He is often called upon to help fix flat tires, jump start cars, etc. Lieutenant Ridley's commitment, communication skills and client focus exemplify Paradigm's Core Values. Pictured left to right: James Spurgeon, Director of Operations, Lieutenant Ridley, Ed Aycock, Director of Training.