Paradigm Security Services Recognizes Outstanding Performance And Excellence In Service for 2021

Each month, the Paradigm Security leadership team reviews nominations for the Security Officer of the Month. Congratulations to these team members who go above and beyond to exemplify the Core Values of Paradigm Security.

March 2021 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Abdulraheem Weli

Since being assigned to high-volume patrol duty, Officer Weli has managed the unique challenges and security requirements of patrolling multiple client sites with excellence. To assure he reliably performs all assigned duties, he routinely conducts vehicle inspections and ensures his patrol equipment is always in good working order. Officer Weli is a well-respected member of Team Paradigm and is considered a “go-to guy” by our operational supervisors. He never hesitates to cover additional shifts or perform extra duties when a client asks for them or when his assigned patrol is revised. He has received advanced training and consistently puts his training, discipline and skills to meet our high standards of both patrolling and reporting. We are grateful for Officer Weli’s military service as an Army Reserve Soldier. He somehow manages to keep up with his monthly commitment and the rigorous training while going above and beyond for Paradigm clients. His commitment, professionalism and client focus are superior examples of Paradigm’s Core Values. Pictured with James Spurgeon, Director of Operations (l) and Rick Strawn, President & CEO (r) .

February 2021 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Dalton Alexander

Since becoming part of Team Paradigm over two years ago, Officer Dalton Alexander has increasingly “upped his game” to put his training and experience into action to serve our clients. Officer Alexander has long been known as a consistently reliable team player. He has been assigned to multiple locations and always covers additional shifts when asked. He shows up on time and has accumulated a vast knowledge of Paradigm’s various sites due to his willingness to work anywhere, anytime. Despite unique client requirements at each site, he performs his patrols efficiently and provides proper documentation when anything is out of order. As needed, Officer Alexander proactively reaches out if he has questions and shares insights that he believes to be important to best serve our clients. Officer Alexander has worked diligently to achieve Paradigm’s high levels of professionalism, commitment and client focus.

January 2021 Paradigm’s Security Officer of the Month Darrell Parham

For almost six months, Officer Parham has been a highly effective site supervisor for a logistics client even when the site gets very busy. He has done an excellent job and our client has had no complaints. Officer Parham supervises both regularly assigned and temporary officers equally well. In addition to completing numerous client reports on time and efficiently, Officer Parham has offered suggestions to enhance the client reports based on updated software features. Officer Parham’s admirable work ethic has earned the client’s trust. They have come to depend on him to proactively resolve periodic operational problems on his own initiative. As he notices other opportunities for improved efficiencies, Officer Parham presents his ideas to HQ for further discussion. His commitment, professionalism and client focus are superior examples of Paradigm’s Core Values. Pictured with Renee Roos, Director of Human Resources.