Paradigm Security: Protection, Peace of Mind, Prevention

You hire a private security firm for three reasons:

  1. To protect lives and property
  2. To provide peace of mind
  3. To create awareness for prevention


Since 9/11, private security in the United States has undergone a paradigm shift. This shift in private security services has included an evolution of training, tools and techniques to meet the increasing needs of clients.

Paradigm Security Services, Inc., located in Norcross, Georgia, is keeping clients ahead of this shift. Founder Rick Strawn is a retired veteran of the Atlanta Police Department. His experience with detective work involving both blue and white-collar crimes gives him a unique perspective. innovative consulting and executive protection services.

A broad range of clients including property and facility managers as well as corporate security directors at domestic and international organizations rely on our company every day. They count on us to resolve security issues while developing and implementing strategic policies and procedures that prevent problems.

A Specialized Private Security Consultant

Eliminate the guesswork involved in securing your operation and stay ahead of the threats to your clients with the help of an experienced private security consultant. While each client has unique security needs, professionalism is the common thread that runs throughout every effort we undertake.

The management team at Paradigm Security Services, Inc has more than 200 years of combined professional experience. They carefully vet and train everyone assigned to protect your interests, including corporate security officers. Get a better understanding of your security situation with the help of a dedicated private investigator.

Professional and Industry Association Memberships in Good Standing



Superior Security Services Through Superior Training and Partnerships

Paradigm Security partners with clients to provide the finest security services and products available in the marketplace. This enables our clients to run their operations with minimal effort and concern for the safety and security of their properties and employees.

Paradigm Security partners with our employees, who are ultimately responsible for our success. We provide an environment where every employee is rewarded according to their contribution to our clients, our company and our team. This environment is promoted through superior training, benefits, job satisfaction, recognition, and advancement opportunities.


Paradigm Security Services was established in 2006 to provide highly trained private security personnel, both unarmed and armed, as an option to off duty law enforcement officers. Today, Paradigm Security uses trained and licensed private security personnel in lieu of certified law enforcement personnel during non-operational hours. Our well-equipped, uniformed private security personnel have superior training to meet emerging client needs.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, security providers face complex challenges. Security risks and issues range from diverting everyday crime to securing facilities and personnel against acts of terrorism. We are experts who are ready to help you manage these responsibilities and your higher levels of accountability.

Paradigm provides customized patrol and on-site services for its clients at locations such as shopping centers, residential and office properties, gated communities, sporting and entertainment venues, logistics facilities, manufacturing plants and construction sites. Contact us today to get the conversation started. We’ll listen to your concerns and explore ways to relieve them.

Contact us or call us at 678-684-4400 today to get the conversation started. We’ll listen to your concerns and explore ways to relieve them.

Shift to Paradigm Security Services.

Take advantage of the opportunities available in emerging markets without putting anyone on your team at risk with our executive protection services. Our programs are adaptable to your specific situational needs. Sit down with one of our professionals to learn more about our private security services.

If you feel something is missing from your security program or if you wish to develop and implement a program for your property or business, you’ll want to talk to us.

If you want to help your employees or community residents become better able to deal with various threats, you’ll want to help them through Lunch & Learn Presentations and Town Hall Meetings. These sessions cover matters including workplace violence, intrusion prevention, and bomb threats. Our Town Hall Meetings provide your audiences with information on community watch programs, robbery prevention, and possible scams.

Contact us or call us at (678) 684-4400. We’ll listen to your concerns and explore ways to relieve them.










Read Feedback From Our Clients

“I want to compliment Paradigm security guards for their attention to details when we received a PODS unit by our dock. One of our employees left one of the warehouse doors open without knowing it. The Paradigm employee saw the PODS unit that evening and investigated to make sure it had a lock on it. While there, he decided to test the warehouse doors and found that one was not locked. Obviously, our alarm went off; our alarm company contacted me, and a few minutes later, Paradigm’s employee did so, too. Even though it was late, I very much appreciate the gentleman’s efforts. I’d like to extend a Thank You to Paradigm and the guard on duty that night.”

- James Callander, Procurement Manager, RailWorks Systems, Inc.