Paradigm Security Services Training Academy

Being at the forefront of professional security officer training is one of our top priorities at Paradigm Security Services. Our Security Services Training Academy provides the 24-hour training curriculum mandated by the Georgia Secretary of State, as well as many specially designed training modules, i.e., Customer Service, Concierge Training, Violence in the Workplace, Active Shooter, Conflict Resolution, Anti-Terrorism Tactics and many more.

Our training programs are all site-specific to familiarize all guards with the nuances of their mission, and guards are trained only after undergoing thorough background checks. In addition to training our own guards, we provide training for security personnel throughout the Southeast through the George A. Abraham Memorial Security Training Academy.

If you are currently working as a private security officer or are interested in a career in the industry, contact us to learn about how our training provides you with the knowledge and licensing you need.

If you have a security firm in the Southeast and need to provide training for new and current employees to ensure they are certified and licensed to meet your state’s requirements, contact us for more details.

Professionalism is paramount at Paradigm Security Services. Contact us today or call us at 678-684-4400 to learn more about the Security Officer Training Programs.