What clients say about Paradigm Security team members.

Here are a few comments from our clients and their stakeholders.

“I want to compliment Paradigm security guards for their attention to details when we received a PODS unit by our dock. One of our employees left one of the warehouse doors open without knowing it. The Paradigm employee saw the PODS unit that evening and investigated to make sure it had a lock on it. While there, he decided to test the warehouse doors and found that one was not locked. Obviously, our alarm went off; our alarm company contacted me, and a few minutes later, Paradigm’s employee did so, too. Even though it was late, I very much appreciate the gentleman’s efforts. I’d like to extend a Thank You to Paradigm and the guard on duty that night.”
James Callander, Procurement Manager, RailWorks Systems, Inc.

“I want to commend your security officer for all she does. I would like to keep her on my site. She has only been here a couple of days and has made a difference in the community. I have the staff along with some of the residents, who have called regarding her patrolling. She is doing what management expects from security patrolling. Please tell her to keep up the good work!”
Daryll A. Tyson, Property Manager, The Villages at Castleberry Hill

“I just wanted to commend one of your security guards, David, at my apartment building. Someone had taken my keys from the gym in my building. I did not have a spare key, nor did I have a cell phone. I basically was stuck in the gym for 4 hours that evening. The maintenance people would not let me in my apartment due to “company policy.” They basically told me that if I needed to sleep in the gym, so be it. David was the only person who tried to help me. He walked around trying to get people in the leasing office to let me in, let me use his phone and once I got in, he walked me to my apartment. The keys were later returned by another resident in the middle of the night; he took them by mistake, and David brought them to me in the morning. He basically was the only person that cared that I could not get in my apartment, or to work the next day because my car keys were on there, too. Huge inconvenience! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I feel better knowing he is the guard in my building.”
Heather, Apartment Resident

“I wanted to pass this along and say thanks. It always seems that we are quick to send problem notes. However, this is a success. As an office, we are held accountable to an average score of 4.7 – which leaves very little room for “4’s,” much less any bad scores. Our resident who moved in 1361 this weekend specifically mentioned the great service that the concierge, Billy, provided upon his arrival. Thank you for pushing for excellence – it really makes us look good. Thanks again for everything!”
Randy, Apartment Manager

“Jessica made it pretty painless and Billy went out of his way to help me check in on a Sunday evening. I gave them all 5’s!”
Survey Results
Equity Corporate Housing Representative Professionalism: 5
    a. Problem Resolution: 5
    b. Courteous Manner: 5
    c. Would you like to use Equity Corporate Housing again? Yes
Employee Name: Jessica and Billy (Paradigm)
Leigh, Equity Corporate Housing