Randy Davidson with Georgia Entertainment News talks with Rick Strawn

A wide range of companies benefit from the entertainment industry including hotels, rental cars, security services, hairdressers and caterers. The business ripple effect is quite significant when you consider instead of a one-time engagement, there may be weeks or months where a service or equipment is needed.

The tax credit to produce a movie in Georgia for this industry is very attractive, but there's more business to bring to Georgia. Beyond production, there is also a tax incentive for post-production work, like special effects, to package it for audiences. Georgia now ranks #1 in feature film production - large budget films like Marvel.

Randy shares that owning the content in Georgia is the next big step. The intellectual property is developed and owned by companies outside of Georgia like London, Los Angeles and New York. Randy and his colleagues at Georgia Entertainment News are working with other leaders and influencers to encourage Georgia content story origination. We want to own it end to end.

Recent trends in entertainment now include gaming and e-sports development, scholarships and paid sponsorships. To keep up with this growing trend, educational opportunities are now available with the Film Academy and Technical College System of Georgia.

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