Rick Strawn talks with Sheila Crumrin, Art for All Capital Campaign Chair

The city already has a thriving public art program, which includes a temporary, rotating sculpture exhibition called SculpTour; a permanent art collection of 20 pieces; a Public Arts Commission to create programs that bring and promote public art in Suwanee; and a successful program that encourages developers to use one percent of construction costs to include public art or support public art as a component of new projects. Suwanee’s public art – and the vibrant, distinctive community that comes with it – is funded entirely through sponsor support; no tax dollars are used.

Great cities have long considered public art a key component of a vibrant community — an essential element of placemaking and city design; a tool for promoting connectedness and economic development; and a means of providing people with experiences.

Public art enhances the culture of a community. It’s timeless, impacts generations, and is accessible to everyone. It has become an important piece of what Suwanee does, what Suwanee is, and how Suwanee is viewed. The city’s public art program creates a dialogue with people who live inside and outside of Suwanee. It is a true differentiator and has become Suwanee’s and Gwinnett’s niche in metro Atlanta.

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