Violence and the Atmosphere it Creates

A quick search of Wikipedia brings some interesting results when it comes to terror attacks in 2017. According to their numbers, there have been 1,147 terror attacks committed around the world through August of this year. That is an average of 143 attacks per month over the first 8 months of 2017. (Note drug and cartel violence are not of these numbers) Although these attacks are spread out over the entire globe and not all of them led to massive casualties or deaths, it is still a stark look at the world we live in today. People are living in a constant state of uncertainty and fear which is effecting the way they deal with issue in their lives. Tempers are shorter, and people seem to be more willing to act out on their frustrations. The constant coverage of these events all over TV, the radio and the internet make it impossible to ignore the violence. So the question is, are you ignoring the signs in your workplace? Have you communicated to your employees how important it is to pay attention to the people around them? What has your organization done to better prepare your employees to deal with violence?