Private Investigations Protect Your Assets

Discreet, thorough private investigations are essential for documenting claims and verifying information during a variety of legal proceedings or handling situations with legal implications. While divorce investigations always come immediately to mind for PI work, Paradigm Security Services can meet investigation needs for:

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Renters’ Background Checks
  • All Civil and Criminal Cases

Proactive private investigations can help you prevent problems in your business or personal life, and they can help you close the loop legally and emotionally. You can put us “on the trail” by going to our Contact Page, emailing us or by calling us at 678-684-4400. We can assess the particulars of your needs and provide the program and personnel you need to meet them.

If you have a specific project need please fill out our service request form. Once we review we will contact you to finalize the agreement.