Paradigm Patrol Services: Trained Eyes and Ears Protecting People and Property

Patrols by highly trained Paradigm Security Services guards enhance employee safety and reduce vandalism. Our guards are trained to look and listen for signs of something out of order. They are capable of responding to what they discover and work with law enforcement and public safety agencies to protect people and property and minimize risk exposure.

Our 24/7patrol services include:

  • Emergency response
  • Fire watch
  • Foot patrol
  • Lock checks
  • Parking lot checks

You get a customized security solution that includes written reports and tour verification.

If you manage or own residential, commercial, office and industrial properties and construction sites, we want to talk with you and your risk management managers and advisors. Together, we can look at each property’s characteristics and security and risk management needs to develop a patrol program that gives everyone peace of mind.

Email us, call us at 678-684-4400 or visit our Contact Page today to see how Paradigm Patrol Services can work best for you.