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Lunch & Learns and Town Hall Meetings

Want to learn more about the security issues that can affect your workplace or community? Paradigm Security Services is available for Lunch & Learn sessions at your place of work for your professional organization – or for Town Hall Meetings in your community.

Our Lunch & Learns can cover matters such as workplace violence, intrusion prevention and bomb threats.

Our Town Hall Meetings can cover matters such as community watch programs, telltale scam signs and robbery prevention.

Contact us today – by phone (678-684-4400) or email – to discuss a topic and schedule a session.

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Law Enforcement

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Paradigm Police Services for Special Security Needs

Let Paradigm Security Services be your connection to off-duty law enforcement officers for special events that require their presence. With more than 200 years of combined law enforcement and security experience, we are qualified to help you decide whether an off-duty law enforcement officer or specially trained private security is the better choice.

Off-duty law enforcement officers working in uniform or plain clothes are typically used when enforcement, such as the ability to write traffic tickets or make arrests, is required. For those projects, Paradigm Security Services works with local law enforcement departments to coordinate all aspects of assigning officers, defining the scope of work and ensuring all legal and contractual compliance obligations are met.

By helping you choose the right personnel – a private security officer or off-duty law enforcement officer – for your assignment, you will get a cost-effective solution without any sacrifices in protection.

Email us, call us at 678-684-4400 or visit our Contact Page today to see how Paradigm Police Services can work best for you.

If you have a specific project need please fill out our service request form. Once we review we will contact you to finalize the agreement.