Consulting Services Define Your Protection Program

The best security program is the result of a thorough needs assessment and a systematic design that brings together the right personnel and technology to work effectively within your budget.

Paradigm Security Consulting Services takes you through every step of the process to design and implement the security program that’s right for you. We look at security through a number of lenses because everyone has more than one area of concern. Protecting your facility involves looking at the physical construction of every part of a building and gate system, for example, and looking at all the people who go in and out of the place.

We look at all the access points and your procedures for allowing everyone to enter and exit. Some of analysis considerations include:

  • Do you have guard stations or gates at the perimeter of your facility and/or its grounds?
  • Do you have high-definition video monitoring? Do you need it?
  • Do you have an effective way for anyone at an entrance or exit to communicate with security personnel to resolve a problem or initiate an emergency response?
  • Do you have procedures in place for all likely and possible situations and corresponding escalation indicators?

We look at your data management infrastructure.

  • Do you have a physical security systems, such as multiple doors and restrictive entry systems, to protect access to your servers and data storage?
  • Do you have high-definition video monitoring?
  • Do you have policies and procedures to control access?

We look at all the people who go in and out of your facility, and that includes whether you have a single location or multiple locations.

  • Do you have a procedure to monitor when all people enter and leave a specific location?
  • Do you differentiate between people who work in a building and those who visit?
  • Do you have a procedure to monitor outside people, such as vendors, who visit a location periodically?

After we look at all of these security parameters with regard to your needs and budget, we can recommend a program that covers security personnel and equipment.

Let’s talk about your overall security needs. Start the conversation by emailing us, calling us at 678-684-4400 or visiting our Contact Page today. We can help you develop a program to give you security.

If you have a specific project need please fill out our service request form. Once we review we will contact you to finalize the agreement.