Paradigm Security Services Recognize Officers Who Responded To Client Crisis

When violent protests and riots occurred in the metro Atlanta area, a client was alerted to potential threats by local law enforcement. He then contacted Paradigm to send more Officers to help secure and protect his building.

Additional Paradigm Team members were called into action in late May 2020 to help protect a client's location. Paradigm’s Officers protected the safety of the client’s property throughout the unrest and violence.

Team members involved received Letters of Commendation for going above and beyond in their duties. They used their training and fulfilled their roles as professional security personnel representing Paradigm Security Services in the most extreme moments of strife, chaos and civil unrest. They are to be commended for their commitment to duty and remaining on their post and providing a calming and tactical response to what they faced.

Officers recognized included: Officer Kory Marshall, Lieutenant Brian Ridley, Lieutenant Keyonta Ratliff, Captain Chris Walton, Command Officer Tammy Reed and Major Joan Sammond, Operations Supervisor.

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