Security Cameras: They are a Great for Keeping up with History

One of the things we hear a lot from companies is they have no need for physical security because they have cameras. Cameras are a great way to see what has happened in the past, but they can’t really help with events happening in real time. Even with cameras in place weather and power outages can lead to no real ability to see who the is causing trouble and what happened. One of our clients had cameras up to catch theft from parked vehicles only to find out the hard way that heavy rain rendered the video unwatchable. Just watching the news each night will also show that they are not deterrents for people who want to do illegal things. Although cameras can be useful for information purposes, there is no replacement for having professional guards on site watching over your property.

Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

Recently we had an interesting case study in being prepared. On January 13th Hawaii was awash in the sounds of alarms warning them that nuclear missiles were on the way. In a panic, people were left to try and figure out what they were supposed to do. Families bid tearful goodbyes to each other, and people were seen running around the cities trying to figure out where to go. by many accounts there was a complete lack of organization. Luckily, this was a false alarm and there was no immediate danger to the people of Hawaii. It did, however, serve as a wake up call to everyone about the dangers of not being prepared. When people find themselves in situations they are not prepared for they panic, and panic can lead to bad decisions which can then lead to injury and death. The lesson here, be prepared. Think about the potential dangers you may face and have a plan. Although this was an extreme case, it is a good one to study.

Gwinnett Place CID increasing security patrols to keep holiday shoppers safe

According to the Gwinnett Place CID, patrols of the Gwinnett Place CID by Paradigm Security Services have helped to lower the crime rate by 39%. This and other great information can be found in the article below.


2017 Pinnacle Award Winner

Small Business of the Year: 25+ Employees – Paradigm Security Services, Inc.

Paradigm Security Services (PSS) partners with their clients to provide the finest security services and
products available in the marketplace. This enables PSS clients to run their operations with minimal
effort and concern for the safety and security of their properties, employees and residents. PPS partners
with their employees, who they believe are ultimately responsible for their success. This environment is
promoted through superior training, benefits, job satisfaction, recognition and advancement

Security can be a Dangerous Profession

The job of security officers is to protect the client’s interest, be it physical property, personnel, or both. If you haven’t had any security issues at your business yet, it is probably something you don’t think about. The question to ask yourself is, what would you do if a situation arose that put your people or property in danger?

The link below is to a story from January this year when a security guard was shot while on duty. The jobs are demanding and sometimes dangerous, which is why we make sure our guards are so highly trained.

Violence and the Atmosphere it Creates

A quick search of Wikipedia brings some interesting results when it comes to terror attacks in 2017. According to their numbers, there have been 1,147 terror attacks committed around the world through August of this year. That is an average of 143 attacks per month over the first 8 months of 2017. (Note drug and cartel violence are not of these numbers) Although these attacks are spread out over the entire globe and not all of them led to massive casualties or deaths, it is still a stark look at the world we live in today. People are living in a constant state of uncertainty and fear which is effecting the way they deal with issue in their lives. Tempers are shorter, and people seem to be more willing to act out on their frustrations. The constant coverage of these events all over TV, the radio and the internet make it impossible to ignore the violence. So the question is, are you ignoring the signs in your workplace? Have you communicated to your employees how important it is to pay attention to the people around them? What has your organization done to better prepare your employees to deal with violence?

Paradigm Security and Gwinnett Place CID: Partners in Safety

(Thanks to our friends at Gwinnett Place CID for originally posting the blog below)
Do you work, dine or shop in Gwinnett Place? If you do, you likely have seen or interacted with a Paradigm security officer. As the president and CEO of Paradigm, I’m proud to serve the more than 160,000 people who live and work in the area in cooperation with the Gwinnett County Police Department and local State Patrol.

Paradigm is a private security firm that has been helping to keep the Gwinnett Place area safe and secure since 2013 as part of the CID’s community security patrols program which began in 2007. Every day the Paradigm security officers monitor Gwinnett Place businesses to ensure that owners and visitors feel safe throughout the day and especially late at night.

Besides monitoring the area, Paradigm officers also inspect area buildings and lighting, report on graffiti or trash for removal and assist patrons and motorists passing through Gwinnett Place.

What makes Paradigm different from any other security service is its level of training and communication between its clients. Paradigm has its own training academy, which is a three day mandatory class that covers a wide range of topics along with many additional training modules which exceed all State mandates. Every patrol officer comes out prepared for a variety of different situations.

Paradigm communicates closely with all clients, including the GPCID’s Director of Operations, Glenn Wisdom. Each night, a patrol officer reports to Glenn with information regarding trash that needs to be collected, lighting that needs to be replaced and any suspicious activity so that the CID is aware and can work to keep the area clean and safe can get it all in order the next morning. Communication is key for the CID and Paradigm; and without it, the area would not be as safe and well-maintained for the community.

Now that you know what Paradigm does for Gwinnett Place, I hope you will stop and thank the next security officer you see. In the meantime, take a look at some of our tips on how to ensure your safety when shopping at Gwinnett Place or any other shopping center.

Tips to Keep You Safe

•Be Aware of your surroundings.

•Focus on your surroundings, not your phone or electronics.

•Keep your purse tucked in and close to you.

•Subscribe to the “Clean Car Campaign” – Never leave valuables visible in your vehicle, place them in the trunk.

•Do not draw cash from ATMs; knowing this might attract unwanted attention.

•Walk with a friend or group of friends.

•Ask security to escort you to your vehicle, if you feel uncomfortable.

•Look inside and underneath your vehicle before unlocking and loading packages. (A small flashlight always comes in handy.)

•Make sure you have not been followed by paying attention to the vehicles around or behind you.

•When in doubt, err to the side of caution.

•If you see something suspicious, never hesitate to report it to law enforcement or security.

How Safe is your Parking Lot?

One area that all businesses have in common is a parking lot. Whether you are in an office building or have a store front your employees and customers/clients need a place to park their cars. With parking lots comes a whole other security issue for your organization to deal with, one many people don’t think about until after something bad has happened.
A 2003 article in Parking Today (a trade magazine for the paring industry) talked specifically about how this should be addressed. In the article they stress the importance of bright lighting, good signage, trimmed landscaping, surveillance cameras and patrols as being keys to providing a safer environment. All of this, plus reminding your employees to be aware of their surroundings can go a long way in providing a safer parking environment. If you have not assessed your parking security, call us today.

Summer Heat and Security

As we move into the heart of summer, enjoying the warm weather and extended daylight hours, we should also be more aware of what is going on around us. According to a U.S. Justice Department report in June of 2014 Rape, Sexual Assault, and Aggravated Assault see peaks in Spring and Summer. For businesses in particular, this means keeping a better watch on what is going on around your business. The warmer weather means more people hanging around and more tempers flaring. The best way to keep yourself and your employees safe is to stay aware of your surroundings and to report anything that doesn’t look right. It’s summer time, have fun but be safe!