Its Never Too Late To Learn From An Elementary School

My wife is an elementary school teacher and I am constantly amazed at how much I learn from her on a regular basis. One area that schools are making great strides is preparing their staffs for emergencies of all kinds. They have codes for everything from injuries to active shooters and drills for everything from fires to tornados. Her school, like most in the district has one entrance point where the visitor is buzzed in and must check in at the desk before moving on to their meeting place. What makes this so effective is that everyone in the building is on the same page. They all know what to do and where to go at all times, and the drilling is constant.

How ready is your staff for an emergency? Do they know where to go or how to react if something happens? How does your office handle the flow of visitors? When it comes to security these are just some of the important questions your company should be asking itself. Maybe it’s time you look to the schools to get a lesson on being prepared.