Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

Recently we had an interesting case study in being prepared. On January 13th Hawaii was awash in the sounds of alarms warning them that nuclear missiles were on the way. In a panic, people were left to try and figure out what they were supposed to do. Families bid tearful goodbyes to each other, and people were seen running around the cities trying to figure out where to go. by many accounts there was a complete lack of organization. Luckily, this was a false alarm and there was no immediate danger to the people of Hawaii. It did, however, serve as a wake up call to everyone about the dangers of not being prepared. When people find themselves in situations they are not prepared for they panic, and panic can lead to bad decisions which can then lead to injury and death. The lesson here, be prepared. Think about the potential dangers you may face and have a plan. Although this was an extreme case, it is a good one to study.